TIOBE Programming Community Index for September 2011

This month the programming language D hits the top 20, replacing F# that cracked the top 20 for the first time last month. Unlike F#, The D language is not new. It has already been in the top 20 from 2007 till the middle of 2009. Wikipedia gives a hint about the comeback of D: “The release of Andrei Alexandrescu’s book ‘The D Programming Language’ on June 12, 2010 marked the stabilization of D 2.0.” In the charts we can see that the D language is gradually rising again since that date. Continue reading “TIOBE Programming Community Index for September 2011”

What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like

I can’t help but view source on every nice looking website I see. It’s like if you had x-ray glasses that allowed you to see any person you ever saw in their underwear at will. How could you not? It’s just so tempting to see if a beautiful website is built with beautiful code as well, or if its beauty if only skin-deep. Code? Beautiful? Sure. After all, Code is Poetry. This is just HTML, so it can’t be quite as intricate and elegant as a dynamic language, but it still bears the brush strokes of its creator. Continue reading “What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like”

Diablo 3 Beta Crack patch

It’s could just run and run in limited map. The music is very good, the sounds of river, etc.

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Tutorial: PHP news system

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a basic news system. The system is entirely flat-files, and doesn’t use a database. Here are the features our news system will have:
News categories
the ability to add articles and categories
rss feeds for each category
static pages
Full meta keyword and description support Continue reading “Tutorial: PHP news system”