Duck Hunt via HTML5 + JavaScript with level creator!

It’s probably worth mentioning that it’s very possible to crash your browser if you’re overzealous with the level creator. Wave time is the amount of time before the ducks fly away. Difficulty is rated from 1-10 and controls the speed of the ducks. Anything over 8 is kind of ridiculous. The bullet and duck counters have a maximum size- you will receive everything you configure but they may not all display if the number of bullets or ducks is too high. Continue reading “Duck Hunt via HTML5 + JavaScript with level creator!”

Doogle Gmail Galactic Inbox: HTML5 Game

HTML5 game implemented with processing.js. Like all the other doodles on this blog, it’s a personal project for learning purposes (read: the code is not pretty) ~  I learn better through mistakes so without apology, here it is ~ the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s not perfect but I know it’s progress.

Continue reading “Doogle Gmail Galactic Inbox: HTML5 Game”

Diablo 3 Beta Crack patch

It’s could just run and run in limited map. The music is very good, the sounds of river, etc.

This is a first working crack for Diablo3 Game. We are extremely happy that we can share it with you. We worked on this Diablo3 Crack really hard, so in return we expect you to appreciate our work. All you have to do is download this tool and paste it into Game Folder. If u have Windows 7 x64 you need to crack it as administrator or game will crashed everytime after loginscreen. Please like our site on facebook and share this crack. Thanks team Continue reading “Diablo 3 Beta Crack patch”