The Browser Cold War

Starting in January 2012, if you have automatic updates turned on, Microsoft will begin silently updating your installed copy of Internet Explorer to the latest version. If you’re on Windows XP, you will wake up one day and find your decrepit IE6 or 7 replaced with 8 — and Vista and 7 will have the joy of using IE9. Ostensibly, Redmond’s intentions are noble — Beauty of the Web! Open Standards! Security! Privacy! Liberté, égalité, fraternité! — but in reality, it is Microsoft’s latest maneuver in the Browser Cold War. Continue reading “The Browser Cold War”

4 out of 5 videos are encoded in H.264

A full 80 percent of videos are encoded in H.264 and, at least theoretically, could be delivered to an iPad with the HTML5 video tag, according to new data from MeFeedia. That doesn’t mean they will be, or that they are… just that if a video publisher wanted to use the same video asset for distribution on the iPad, it wouldn’t have to re-encode it. It would just have to switch out the video player from Flash to HTML5. Continue reading “4 out of 5 videos are encoded in H.264”

2011 in review: 20 sites that took 3D to the next level

The advertising industry is always looking for new and exciting ways to promote products, and real-time 3D graphics have the potential of bringing a new level of interactivity to their customers.
1. Rome: 3 Dreams of Black Continue reading “2011 in review: 20 sites that took 3D to the next level”

Duck Hunt via HTML5 + JavaScript with level creator!

It’s probably worth mentioning that it’s very possible to crash your browser if you’re overzealous with the level creator. Wave time is the amount of time before the ducks fly away. Difficulty is rated from 1-10 and controls the speed of the ducks. Anything over 8 is kind of ridiculous. The bullet and duck counters have a maximum size- you will receive everything you configure but they may not all display if the number of bullets or ducks is too high. Continue reading “Duck Hunt via HTML5 + JavaScript with level creator!”

Doogle Gmail Galactic Inbox: HTML5 Game

HTML5 game implemented with processing.js. Like all the other doodles on this blog, it’s a personal project for learning purposes (read: the code is not pretty) ~  I learn better through mistakes so without apology, here it is ~ the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s not perfect but I know it’s progress.

Continue reading “Doogle Gmail Galactic Inbox: HTML5 Game”

What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like

I can’t help but view source on every nice looking website I see. It’s like if you had x-ray glasses that allowed you to see any person you ever saw in their underwear at will. How could you not? It’s just so tempting to see if a beautiful website is built with beautiful code as well, or if its beauty if only skin-deep. Code? Beautiful? Sure. After all, Code is Poetry. This is just HTML, so it can’t be quite as intricate and elegant as a dynamic language, but it still bears the brush strokes of its creator. Continue reading “What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like”