How to Operate a Professional Web Directory

By Louis Crisci, Owner of Canny Link

With more than 100,000 Web directories online, very few operate at a profit.  Many directory owners struggle to get their site to rank for some keyword phrase, or try to gain PageRank thinking that this will lead to revenue.  Their efforts often are in vein because they are not focused on what is of vital importance- developing a customer base, and creating a directory that someone would want to submit a listing to.  The first task in any marketing effort to know who your target audience is, what they want, and were you can find them.
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Annual Developer Income Report From Chris

It is over one year since I gave up my day job to become an independent developer (It is more than a year but I have missed a few reports so I will sum 12 months that has been reported on this blog). All my projects that generate any money has been build by me with a little help of some freelancers. All has been done on my own schedule without any boss complaining or some crazy deadlines. Some of you are reading my reports from the beginning and some of you are here for the first time. I believe that this annual report will be very interesting for all of you. I will make a two sections. One where I will spilt all my income by months and another where I will sum all sources of income from last 12 reports. Continue reading “Annual Developer Income Report From Chris”

Developer Income Report #14 From Chris

As many of you already know I am publishing my monthly income reports each month. Here is another one that will sum up the August 2011. As I have discovered some new methods to make your applications more visible on the Android Market and have updated my “Make Money on Android” eBookwith this tips – my income has been much higher than on my last month averages! So both my Android ads revenue and eBook sales have been pretty well in last month. Moreover new technique has been confirmed by many of you to work really well. Here are a few quotes from one of my favourite eMails: Continue reading “Developer Income Report #14 From Chris”