What do programmers really do?

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. – Picasso

Many people (including my mother-in-law) think that computers are becoming so smart that programmers will be no longer needed in the near future. Other people think that programmers are geniuses who constantly solve sophisticated math puzzles in front of their monitors. Even many programmers don’t have clear idea what they do. Continue reading “What do programmers really do?”

CD Lamp 2 From Jim Watters


After having my site mentioned on the likes of Gizmodo with “DIY CD Lamp” and Hack a Day with “lamp o’ cds” in June of 2005, I decided I must complete my second CD Lamp.  I have been wanting to create another lamp for quite a while now.  I received over 30,000 hits in about 3 days because of those two sites alone. Continue reading “CD Lamp 2 From Jim Watters”

How Do U.S., Indian Developers Really Match Up?

If we were to look past all the stereotypes, perceptions, biases and rhetoric, and dispassionately rate U.S. and Indian programmers, which group would we find to be the more highly skilled?


The results of what appears to be the first quantifiable study to address that question have been released by GILD, a social networking and career advancement site for developers worldwide. The key finding: Indian developers have better math and logic skills, and U.S. developers have better Web programming skills. Here are some of the particulars:

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