8 Things You Must Know To Build A Great Website

Last week we talked about how a bad website can do your business more harm than good. That column brought several emails asking what is the key to building an effective business website. I replied with the same answer I always give: building an effective business website is a simple matter of definition. Continue reading “8 Things You Must Know To Build A Great Website”

7 Fisherman’s Tips to Avoid Losing Money on Your Web Site Design

Web site design to hook a customer is very like fishing. Try these seven tips to make money.

Step 1. Research.

What – you don’t think a fisherman starts with research? How does he know not to fish in the bathtub? How does he know not to fish for dorado in USA? How does he know that his favorite lemon meringue pie on a sardine hook won’t catch sharks? Continue reading “7 Fisherman’s Tips to Avoid Losing Money on Your Web Site Design”

7 Best Tips for Communicating with Your Offshore Team in India

Dear Reader,

If you are reading this article, most probably you have faced some communication problem with your offshore team or you are considering to offshore your project work and want to learn effective ways to communicate to the team which is thousands miles away. Continue reading “7 Best Tips for Communicating with Your Offshore Team in India”

6 Easy Ways to Create a Website

How? Here it is…

1. Conceptualize an idea. Think what you like your future website to be. What audience will you cater? Everything you do must redound to their fulfillment. They will be visiting to get what they need. Be sure that their needs are answered. That way they will be satisfied and will keep coming for more. Not only that, they can recommend your site to their friends if they find it functional and nice. Continue reading “6 Easy Ways to Create a Website”

How to Operate a Professional Web Directory

By Louis Crisci, Owner of Canny Link

With more than 100,000 Web directories online, very few operate at a profit.  Many directory owners struggle to get their site to rank for some keyword phrase, or try to gain PageRank thinking that this will lead to revenue.  Their efforts often are in vein because they are not focused on what is of vital importance- developing a customer base, and creating a directory that someone would want to submit a listing to.  The first task in any marketing effort to know who your target audience is, what they want, and were you can find them.
Continue reading “How to Operate a Professional Web Directory”

What do programmers really do?

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. – Picasso

Many people (including my mother-in-law) think that computers are becoming so smart that programmers will be no longer needed in the near future. Other people think that programmers are geniuses who constantly solve sophisticated math puzzles in front of their monitors. Even many programmers don’t have clear idea what they do. Continue reading “What do programmers really do?”

Browse ‘n Move – The State and Trends of Mobile Internet

Oh, mobile browsing – one of the hottest topics these days isn’t it? Now that all the cool kids and their grandmas have Internet access on their mobile gadgets (90% of the population has mobile network coverage!), we can take a look at how they’re using it, where, and what should we expect from the future. Click the infographic below to learn more. Continue reading “Browse ‘n Move – The State and Trends of Mobile Internet”

The Browser Cold War

Starting in January 2012, if you have automatic updates turned on, Microsoft will begin silently updating your installed copy of Internet Explorer to the latest version. If you’re on Windows XP, you will wake up one day and find your decrepit IE6 or 7 replaced with 8 — and Vista and 7 will have the joy of using IE9. Ostensibly, Redmond’s intentions are noble — Beauty of the Web! Open Standards! Security! Privacy! Liberté, égalité, fraternité! — but in reality, it is Microsoft’s latest maneuver in the Browser Cold War. Continue reading “The Browser Cold War”